Aleix Puig (Vicio) in the same Futures Lunch in route

The Futures Lunch stops again in Central Catalunya and they do so with Aleix Puig from Manresa, co-founder of the Vicio hamburger chain, as the protagonist. The winner of the MasterChef contest will tell us about his life and professional journey that has led to setting up a business that in just over 3 years…

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Josep Santacreu in the next AIJEC Experience Meal

Josep Santacreu, president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, stars in the next AIJEC Experience Meal that will take place next Wednesday, February 21. After 25 years at the head of DKV and with experience in managing NGOs and public and private companies, Santacreu will share his experience with young entrepreneurs.

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#MasterclassAIJEC: AI and digital transformation

With the beginning of the year the #MasterclassAIJEC returns and they do so talking about artificial intelligence. Aleix Valls, CEO and co-founder of the consulting firm LiquiD and former general director of Mobile World Capital, will talk to us about the impact that artificial intelligence will have in the business world and how it can…

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