Jordi Romero, next guest in the Dinars de Futur cycle

June’s Dinars de Futur will welcome Jordi Romero, co-founder and CEO of Factorial. Romero co-founded Factorial in 2016. The company, which offers human resources software to digitize this area within small and medium-sized companies, has become one of the leading human resources programs for companies with more than 8,000 clients all over the world At…

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Javier Cotett stars in the next Dinar d’Experiència

The protagonist of the next Experience Lunch is Javier Cottet, president of the Cottet group, a family business with 122 years of history in the optics and audiology sector. It will be Wednesday 22 May from 2pm at the Eurostars Grand Marina. With Javier Cottet we will talk about innovation, leadership, how to run a…

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