Who are we

Welcome to the AIJEC where young entrepreneurs share concerns and experiences

Since 1985, the AIJEC has brought together all those young people with their own company and under the age of 45 who come together under the umbrella of the association to share their concerns and experiences.

During these 35 years, the association has established itself as the reference association for young catalan entrepreneurs.

AIJEC works to promote the right framework to turn its ideas into sustainable and growth-oriented business projects

AIJEC works to ensure that the voice of young entrepreneurs is taken into account in the institutions

AIJEC promotes the values of entrepreneurship and the culture of effort to dignify and positively highlight the figure of the entrepreneur as a creator of opportunities

Currently, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia represents about 300 young entrepreneurs

Our headquarters is located in Av. Diagonal, 601, 8th floor, in Barcelona.

the members

The main value of being part of the AIJEC is an intangible. Through the association, young entrepreneurs have access to a whole community of entrepreneurs with whom to share experiences and be able to enrich each other professionally.

At AIJEC we promote that our members share moments, synergies, experiences and can generate business. In addition to this community membership, AIJEC offers all its members a number of benefits, services and access to training events and events. The association represents the interests of the entrepreneur before the official institutions and bodies and works to make the voice of young entrepreneurs heard


The AIJEC team: who we are and how we work

The Young Entrepreneurs Association is represented by an Executive Committee, elected by the full members every two years and with a term limit of two terms. The Commission together with the chairmen of the delegations make up the Board of Directors.

Once a year, the association is the General Assembly, the sovereign body of the association and which is made up of all full members (as an entrepreneur and under the age of 45) at the time of its celebration.

At the moment the board of the association is formed by:

Ruben Sans Ruben Sans Presidente
Estefania González Campins Estefania González Campins Vicepresidenta
Enric Sanahuja Enric Sanahuja Secretario general
Vicenç del Mar Vicenç del Mar Tesorero
Lluís Feliu Lluís Feliu Vocal
Sandra Garcia Sandra Garcia Vocal
Maria Josep Prats Maria Josep Prats AIJEC Plus
Jesús Mª Ruiz Jesús Mª Ruiz Gerente