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About fifty members met this Wednesday at the Experience Luncheon with the president of Cercle d’Economia, Jaume Guardiola. During his talk, Guardiola reviewed the history of the entity he has chaired since this summer and gave the keys to better understand the current geopolitical and economic situation at an international level. The president of the Cercle wanted to convey a message of optimism despite the complexity of the economic scenario and admitted that despite the dominance of uncertainty, the recession could be less severe than in previous crises. According to Guardiola, Barcelona and Catalonia are well positioned to take advantage of the reactivation of the European industrial strategy, since being more oriented towards the new economy will give us more opportunities in the future. During the AIJEC meeting, the economic opportunity that the business fabric has thanks to the America’s Cup of Sailing was also discussed.

Jaume Guardiola assured in the discussion after the Experience Lunch with AIJEC members that the entrepreneurial spirit is not at a bad time and we must take advantage of this trend.