Everything is possible by Aleix Puig (Vicio)

AleixPuig Vicio 4

Passion, believing that everything is possible and a point of madness. This is how we can summarize the entrepreneurial story of Aleix Puig, co-founder of Vicio. Puig had always been clear that he wanted to start a business but the pandemic, after having won the MasterChef television contest, allowed him to pause and decide what type of business he wanted to start. Aleix Puig was the protagonist of the last Dinars de Futur en route organized by AIJEC Catalunya Central last Thursday the 7th in Manresa.

About thirty young businessmen gathered to listen to the personal and entrepreneurial story of Aleix Puig. Puig recalled his time as a bad student, his beginnings in the family business and how the MasterChef program, which he thought was impossible to enter, led him towards what we know today as Vice.

The pandemic was a turning point in Puig’s life, three months that allowed him to stop and think about what type of business he wanted to start. Chance and social networks put him in contact with Oriol de Pablo, his partner in the hamburger chain. A business idea and a failure ended on October 15, 2020 with the launch of Vicio.