Jordi Romero: “At Factorial we are unstoppable optimists”

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Jordi Romero, co-founder of Factorial, was the protagonist of the last Dinars de Futur held on Tuesday, June 18, which brought together forty young businessmen and women to listen to the life and professional story of this computer engineer who, at only 37 years old, is the co-founder and CEO of a unicorme company.

Romero began his speech by reviewing his beginnings in the world of entrepreneurship when he was just a teenager and his transition from university to the world of work as a freelancer and at the age of 23 when he co-founded a startup, where he worked as technology director.

At the age of 27, and after being aware that he wanted to change the world, he co-founded Factorial, a company that automates administration processes in companies and which has been a unicorn since 2023. Romero wanted to highlight the importance of sharing knowledge and surrounding yourself with talent to be better. Another of its pillars is to set challenges to learn. “The trick of outsiders is not knowing anything and wanting to know everything.”

Jordi Romero carried out an x-ray of Factorial, which currently has more than 11,000 clients, a team of 890 people and is present in 9 countries. The future of the company is, according to the businessman, to reach 1,000 million in turnover in 5 years and scale the team efficiently. Romero stated that this growth does not necessarily involve opening markets, but rather offering new solutions to its clients’ problems.

The current CEO of Factorial used the word attitude to define the company’s way of operating. “We are unstoppable optimists”, a concept that for Romero perfectly defines his vision and his desire to want to change the world and make it better.

Jordi Romero finished his speech by answering the questions of the attendees and reflecting on the importance of persisting in the company and not selling it at the first opportunity.


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