AIJEC is looking for the best young entrepreneur of the year


The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (AIJEC) opens the period for presenting candidacies for the Young Entrepreneur Award. The entity is looking for the young entrepreneur who best represents the new visions and values ​​of the business world, taking into account aspects such as the consolidation of the initial idea in the form of a business, economic viability, entrepreneurial spirit, personal history, innovation, international vision and future challenges. The period to participate will be extended until May 26.

The Young Entrepreneur Award is now in its 31st edition, becoming one of the most important recognitions of entrepreneurship held in Catalonia. The awards recognize the work, effort and constancy of the young Catalan business fabric, capable of generating jobs and promoting business projects.

Coinciding with the America’s Cup, the AIJEC wants to incorporate a special recognition in the field of the blue economy. This recognition aims to reward the best blue economy project or company that promotes sustainability, innovation, economy, equality, diversity and any other value of public interest in relation to the blue economy.


The reference awards for entrepreneurship in Catalonia

In addition to the Young Entrepreneur Award and the Blue Entrepreneurship Award, all those entrepreneurs of Spanish nationality or foreigners resident in Catalonia, who are between 18 and 45 years old and develop their business activity in the territory can also apply for the Award the Best Business Initiative, which recognizes the most innovative business idea with future prospects; to the Recognition of Social Entrepreneurship, for companies with a social objective; and the Recognition of Business Linguistic Quality, for a positive promotion of the use of the Catalan language in the company as a tool for qualitative improvement.

During the awarding ceremony of the Young Entrepreneur Award, which will take place in the autumn, the AIJEC also presents the Recognition for the Best Business Trajectory, which is given to an entrepreneur with experience and an already consolidated business project and the Recognition to the Futur Entrepreneur, to reward an entrepreneurial project worked on by under 18s

Among all the applicants, the AIJEC will choose three finalists and the winner will be chosen by a jury made up of representatives of the main public and private institutions in the country that work in favor of the company, as well as various media.

Entrepreneurs who want to participate must fill in the form that they will find on the Premi Jove Empresari website of the AIJEC