AIJEC makes its voice heard in the Parliament of Catalonia


The president of AIJEC participated this Thursday in the Business and Labor Commission of the Parliament of Catalonia to explain the reality of the country’s young business fabric.

Ruben Sans Solsona has brought politicians closer to the current profile of the young Catalan businessman/arian and has taken advantage of his intervention to make some demands to facilitate the day-to-day life of the business community. “Here, today, now and always, we claim our role as the backbone of society and common well-being. We cannot imagine a world without companies, and that is why we work and we need you to work”, with these words, Sans has encouraged politicians to bet on the Catalan company.

During his speech, he also highlighted the international projection of the AIJEC and valued the richness of going out to discover new markets and perspectives regarding the company: “As an entity we find ourselves in a very interesting moment where, through collaborations with European and international entities are getting to know and exchanging knowledge and working to improve our work model.”