Bernat Ripoll: “Holded was never meant to make money”

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Last March 2, Masia Sallent was filled with AIJEC members and entrepreneurs from Central Catalonia to celebrate the second Dinars de Futur en route with Bernat Ripoll, co-founder of Holded. Ripoll explained during the meeting the atypical success story of his project. The businessman made it clear that for him it is much more interesting to talk about real stories like his, the story of a boy who liked snow and created a project to support his hobby, which of the company itself or of the four fashion startups. “Many more people can feel identified”. The guest reviewed all of his entrepreneurial experience and stated that Holded was never meant to make money.

After going through the entire emotional journey that has been these years growing the platform, talking about the sale of the company Ripoll assured that you get goosebumps when you think you can sell.

The co-founder of Holded criticized the tax burdens suffered by entrepreneurs in our country, a fact that ended up making it so that for many entrepreneurs working in their companies always costs them money and that leaving or selling end up being the best alternatives.

The second meeting organized by AIJEC Catalunya Central ended with Bernat Ripoll leaving a few life mottos for the future and some advice that have helped him achieve success without forgetting his beginnings.