Determination, passion and clear things unite the protagonists of the latest Dinars de Futur


Mariam Ayadi, founder of Wipass; Sara Orra, founder of Trioteca and Bernat Carreras, founder of Bold were the guests at the #DinarsdeFutur in February. The three finalists of the Business Initiative Award from the last edition of the Young Entrepreneur Award took part this Thursday in a round table where they were able to give their vision on entrepreneurship and where they explained what led them to decide to this option

All three entrepreneurs made it clear that for them “entrepreneurial DNA is what makes you improve things, processes and see opportunities where others only see problems”. An enthusiastic and courageous vision of entrepreneurship that became the guiding thread of the colloquium. Bernat Carreras, the last winner of the Best Business Initiative of the Young Entrepreneur Award, emphasized the importance of the team in every business project. For Carreras, it is essential that he believes in the vision of the entrepreneur. Sara Orra and Mariam Ayadi emphasized pursuing an idea and selling it to the world with determination. For the founder of Trioteca, great clients are obtained “without shame, by going and introducing yourself”. A fact that the founder of Wipass, Mariam Ayadi, corroborated by making it clear that for her mental barriers must be removed and you must have a tough face to undertake “because life already prepares you to face certain situations” .

The meeting, which gathered around fifty attendees, was a great success and the experiences of the protagonists reaffirmed to all those present that entrepreneurship is not for everyone “but for those who want it”.