Josep Dosta: “I have heard about home business all my life, and that resonates”

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Last Wednesday, November 22, the #ComunitatAIJEC was able to enjoy a new #DinarsdeFutur meeting where they could meet, learn and be inspired by the business experience behind the renowned glasses brand Woodys Eyewear.

Sharing a conversation with Josep Dosta confirmed for us that talking about him is also talking about entrepreneurial DNA, humility and belief in the Catalan business fabric. A story that, as the protagonist confessed to us, probably begins in his house where conversations about business and company began to penetrate him until they pushed him to make his own path. Although it wasn’t until he had the need to wear “floating” glasses while Wakeskating, that he didn’t find the reason to start.

The businessman from Vic is very clear that his future is not linked to a large company and he shared this with us, stating that his forecast for the next 10 years is to ensure that Woodys grows “not too much” so that his team and himself can continue enjoying working without worries. A feeling that they begin to get and that they do not want to let go.

Dosta explained to us that among its most immediate plans is to enter all of South America, to increase its international sales network. The jump to the other side of the Atlantic is preceded by the entry, a few months ago, into the United States and Brazil, and will be completed with Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and China. Sustainability also occupied part of the conversation, just as it occupies an important place in the company’s strategy. 70% of the Woodys collection is made with organic materials. In addition, the company has developed a machine to recycle old glasses that opticians have in stock and which, once disposed of, can be converted into new material for new frames. A project still in the initial phase but which Dosta hopes to grow.

The truth was the backbone of the entire meeting, with a close conversation where Dosta wanted to vindicate the need for the business fabric at home, Catalan brands and companies, to support each other to move forward. It is easy to believe, after meeting him, that this way of seeing and living the company has led him to create, out of a personal need, a project that is currently, and only ten years old, present in 72 countries with 15,000 points of sale. and 400,000 glasses sold per year.