Josep Santacreu: “We must count more on young entrepreneurs within the institutions”

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The president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Josep Santacreu, was the protagonist of the last Experience Meal organized by the AIJEC. Faced with forty young entrepreneurs and companies, Santacreu will review his life and professional journey.

The newly appointed president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce began his speech by reflecting on the need to have more young entrepreneurs in the institutions. Santacreu valued his triple professional experience, in the management of NGOs, in public companies and in private companies, but he confessed that he was in love with the third sector, at a time when it was not fashionable nor did it have the structure or organization that it has now. those types of organizations. Regarding the importance of companies, the president of the Chamber explained that the change of professional direction, going from the public to the private sector, was the way he found to change the world and transform things.

A meeting full of shared reflections on the role of the business community, managers and institutions where all attendees were able to enjoy the business experience of Josep Santacreu.