Laura Urquizu: “Working from Barcelona we managed to conquer the United States”

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The Eurostars Grand Marina gathered this Tuesday, March 21, about fifty AIJEC members and associates to celebrate the Future Lunch with Laura Urquizu, president and CEO of Red Points. During the match, Urquizu reviews the origin of the cybersecurity startup against online fraud that in eight years has gone from 10 workers and 7 clients to helping 1,200 companies and having a workforce of 300 workers. The businesswoman explained that working from Barcelona they have managed to conquer the United States, and that their next milestone is to do so with the Asian continent.

After explaining part of the business trip that Red Points has made with her at the helm, Laura Urquizu defended the role of today’s entrepreneur, who must be taken care of and claim as a key factor in the economy, and confessed that Barcelona is one of the best places in the world. world for the creation of technological companies. “A good starting point to attract talent.”

The Dinars de Futur ended with some security advice and a lot of business philosophy, which somehow explain the success of a career that has led her to be among the 50 most influential women companies and investors in the European technology industry.