Ruben Sans elected new vice president of young European entrepreneurs

YesforEurope 04
The president of the AIJEC, Ruben Sans Solsona, has been elected as the new vice-president of the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs – Yes for Europe.
The election of Sans, who will hold the post for the next 12 months, is a bet by the new president of Yes for Europe, the Turkish Gürkan Yildirim, who during his mandate wants to promote the leadership of young entrepreneurs within the framework of a European economic, industrial and social renaissance.
Ruben Sans is clear about his duties: to connect young Catalan and Spanish entrepreneurs with those in Europe, supporting them to take advantage of the incomparable united market offered by the European Union. For the new vice-president of the young european entrepreneurs, Ruben Sans, it is necessary to continue working to promote a more favorable environment for the entrepreneurial, legislative, financial and educational spirit in Europe. “We want to be the voice of a whole new generation of entrepreneurs, helping them develop their projects, their network of contacts and promoting new opportunities”.
Yes for Europe, the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, was born in 1988 and based in Brussels brings together around 100,000 young entrepreneurs under the age of 45 from 21 countries of the European Union.