Ruben Sans participates in the summit of Young Entrepreneurs of the G20 in Brazil

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Ruben Sans, president of the AIJEC, is participating these days in the summit of young entrepreneurs of the G20, the G20 YEA, the largest network of young entrepreneurs in the world, which meets in Goiânia, Brazil. Sans chairs the Spanish delegation that participates for the second time in history in this meeting, after making its debut last August at the summit in New Delhi. Ruben Sans does this in his capacity as vice-president of the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs (CEAJE) and also as a European delegate in his capacity as vice-president of Yes for Europe, the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs. With the title “Building a fair world and a sustainable planet”, the more than 500 young entrepreneurs participating in the summit have drawn up a document that demands from world leaders the urgent need for policies that promote fair economic growth, sustainability and innovation digital The young entrepreneurs have identified actions in five priority areas where G20 leaders must act: inclusive economic growth; facilitation of international business; accelerate the transition to a circular economy; education and promotion of the new generations of entrepreneurs and innovation actions and digitization of the ways of working. For Sans, participation in the G20 YEA summit “is an opportunity to present our ideas, collaborate with young entrepreneurs from around the world and show that we are committed to working together to achieve a prosperous and equitable future”. The Spanish representative believes that the measures adopted and the immediate commitments that are being asked of the G20 governments send a powerful message of support to young entrepreneurs from all over the world, “those who are called to lead the economic and social renewal of our planet”.


The press release of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit YEA 2024

The communique resulting from this summit of young entrepreneurs of the G20 YEA 2024 calls for the promotion of business opportunities as a driver of economic inclusion, encouraging the creation of new companies and the growth of already existing SMEs. The G20 YEA calls on G20 leaders to implement national policies to ensure access for young people through business education programs and give them access to appropriate funding channels.

The young entrepreneurs gathered these days in Brazil emphasize in the statement the importance of creating national strategies for channeling business talent to identify, develop and support promising young entrepreneurs. Among the measures to facilitate international business, the business community calls for the creation of a global business visa to facilitate business mobility and the promotion of the free movement of investment capital, as well as the simplification of regulatory standards for starting and expanding businesses.

Accelerating the transition towards a circular economy has also been among the demands of the G20 YEA, which is why it is necessary to encourage inclusive job creation and support for sustainable SMEs. Incentives for sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship and programs for recycling and reuse of plastics, as well as educational campaigns on the circular economy and the creation of a regulatory framework are some of the actions proposed in the communique.

It is vital for young entrepreneurs around the world to advance entrepreneurship education and promotion with an integration of business education into education systems from primary education, updating skills programs for entrepreneurs and inclusive access to higher business education, as well as the establishment of global support networks for entrepreneurs.

To drive innovation, digitization and the future of work, the G20 YEA urges G20 leaders to prioritize the creation of common global standards for the development of secure AI that enables entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses that leverage the potential of this technology in a coordinated global framework.