The president of AIJEC, Ruben Sans, will be the president of the new Spanish delegation in the G20 YEA

G20YEA firma 01

For the first time in history, Spain will form part of the G20 YEA, the world’s largest network of young entrepreneurs. It does so through a delegation headed by CEAJE, the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Young Entrepreneurs, and which will be chaired by Ruben Sans, vice president of the employers’ association and also president of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (AIJEC). The general secretary of the Ibero-American Federation of Young Entrepreneurs (FIJE), Antonio Magraner, will accompany him as general secretary of the delegation.

Areeba Rehman, delegate of the G20 YEA, and Ruben Sans, president of the new Spanish delegation, have signed this Tuesday the document that certifies the entry of Spain into the G20 YEA. The signing took place at the headquarters of the Embassy of Spain in Paris. Lois Babarro, president of Yes For Europe, the European confederation of young entrepreneurs, which has been one of the entities that have endorsed Spain’s entry into the G20 YEA, also participated in the event. The member countries, among which are France, China, Brazil, Germany, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, among others, unanimously approved the entry of the new delegation after assessing the technical solvency, the strength of the organization at the national level and its international positioning.


The role of the G20 YEA

The G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance is a global movement of young entrepreneurs and the organizations that support them. It was established to meet each year before the G20 Summit, with the aim of championing the importance of young entrepreneurs for G20 member nations and sharing examples and good practices. The G20 YEA works to engage G20 leaders in a discussion about the value of young entrepreneurs to society and economies. The G20 YEA represents more than 500,000 young entrepreneurs and each year brings together hundreds of young entrepreneurs from around the world to share their ideas and propose solutions to boost youth entrepreneurship.

The Spanish delegation will be in charge of representing Spain and the country’s young entrepreneurs, promoting the values ​​of the culture of effort while highlighting the figure of the entrepreneur and businessman as a creator of opportunities, well-being and social wealth.

For the new president of the Spanish delegation of the G20 YEA, Rubén Sans, this adhesion, the first that includes two young Spaniards in the framework of the G20, represents an opportunity at the highest level to promote and internationally recognize the entrepreneurial spirit of Spain, to share and learn lessons from others while promoting entrepreneurship “as a driver of economic renewal, job creation, innovation and social change”.

For Sans, “Spanish young entrepreneurs are an example of unity, openness, dynamism and constant innovation, an example for the rest of the world in many sectors and they play a crucial role in driving economic growth. Their unique perspectives, fresh ideas and enthusiasm for change are hallmarks that should be recognized and strengthened globally.”

Rubén Sans together with emerging business leaders from around the world will attend the next summit to be held in Delhi, India from July 13 to 15 as members of the G20 YEA. Each summit issues detailed communiqués and provides G20 political leaders with best practices to promote youth entrepreneurship through policy recommendations and access to finance, coordination of support initiatives, strengthening of entrepreneurial culture, regulation, taxation , education and training. Sans will later participate in the G20 Leaders Assembly and will convey the proposals of the young entrepreneurs to the heads of state and government of the member countries.