GuayanteSanmartín (HP): “A leader must know how to adapt or leave, but never lose authenticity”

Dinar Emprenedors Guayente Sanmartin

Fifty young entrepreneurs gathered this Wednesday at the first Entrepreneur Lunch of the Year organized by AIJEC Young Entrepreneurs to share experiences with Guayente Sanmartin, vice president and global business director of HP 3D Multijet Fusion. The director, a mentor and member of the boards of directors of different companies, has reflected on her career, her dreams and the importance of setting goals to improve her professional life. The most important thing, Sanmartin said, is to have “a very big dream” and to be aware of the qualities and shortcomings of each one in order to be able to improve in order to achieve it.

Asked by attendees, Sanmartin also spoke about his failures, which he said should be noted: “In the face of failure, the most important thing is not the mistake, but the learning.” In this line, the head of the 3D division of HP also pointed out that both people and “leaders” must know how to “adapt or leave, but never lose their authenticity.”

In a conversation led by the president of AIJEC Young Entrepreneurs, Ruben Sans, Guayente Sanmartin reviewed his life and professional career and confessed that he chose the area of ​​3D, his last destination in the American multinational, for the opportunities to innovate and the challenges offered by the sector: “3D technology is a disruptive technology that will help the world to have customized products”

The Entrepreneurs Lunch are meetings organized by AIJEC Young Entrepreneurs to share experiences between entrepreneurs. Since 2008, the AIJEC has been organizing these lunches based on the experience where, on a monthly basis, entrepreneurs such as Isak Andic, José Manuel Lara Bosch, Josep Lluís Bonet, Cristóbal Colon, Mariano Puig, Lluis Bassat and Carme Ruscalleda have put their experiences at the disposal of young entrepreneurs, so that we can drink from their business stories.