Rules of the XXIX Young Entrepreneur Award

Since 1993 we have been organizing the Young Entrepreneur Award to promote, motivate and give public visibility to the best business initiatives of young Catalans.

This year we are celebrating the twenty-ninth edition, based on the following conditions:


The nomination period for this edition of the Young Entrepreneur Award is until June 5, 2022.


In this edition of the Young Entrepreneur Award, two categories of awards and four recognitions have been established:


The AIJEC aims to promote the attitude of young entrepreneurs as people who are a source of business inspiration. We want to reward those who, over the last year, have best represented the new visions and values ​​of the business world. Special emphasis will be placed on consolidating the initial idea in the form of a business, its economic viability, the entrepreneurial spirit, the personal trajectory of the promoter, the international vision, and the challenges and prospects for the future.


AIJEC wants to support business initiatives developed by young people who are committed to sustainable projects based on their ideas. This category will take into account projects with the best business ideas based on innovation and creativity as well as future prospects.


The AIJEC works for a positive promotion of the use of the Catalan language in the company and as a tool for qualitative improvement. It is for this reason that for several editions we have included a category of recognition of the use of Catalan in both internal and external communication.

Its use is valued from:

The company’s communication policy (both internal and external communications).

The use in the technical or administrative material.

The use and promotion of new technologies.

Actions to promote the training in Catalan of the company’s staff (especially those who work for the public).

Actions that have significantly contributed to the promotion of the use of Catalan. The reasoning of the candidacy is also valued, as well as the accompaniment with material such as: website, electronic bulletins, internal and external communications, information leaflets, company publications, etc.

The choice of this recognition is decided in two working meetings: a first one where the three finalist candidacies will be chosen by the Executive Commission of AIJEC; and a second, where the winner is chosen, and in which members of the General Directorate of Language Policy and representatives of AIJEC participate.


The AIJEC values ​​the path in which those personalities from the business world from whom we learn from their experience set off years ago. They are those of us who reflect on their commitment to work to leave a better reality than the one they found. As usual, the AIJEC will recognize the business career of the promoter of a project of recognized success and prestige, which will be chosen by the Board of Directors of the association.


Fostering entrepreneurship among young people is one of the main reasons for the AIJEC. That is why we want to re-recognize an entrepreneurial project worked for children under 18 years.


Thanks to the collaboration with CaixaBank, we will promote and give visibility again to a project that seeks a social goal. It will be valued those companies that in addition to maintaining their social or environmental objective in the center of their operations, have managed to grow sustainably and sustainably. A committee with members of Caixabank and the AIJEC board will meet to evaluate the nominations submitted and select three finalists, of which the winner will be the winner.



  • ACC10 – Generalitat de Catalunya
  • AIJEC – Joves Empresaris
  • AIJEC + (Joves Empresaris Sèniors)
  • ARA
  • Barcelona Activa – Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Barcelona Tech City
  • CaixaBank
  • Cambra Oficial de Comerç, Indústria i Navegació
  • Cercle d’Economia
  • EADA
  • El Economista
  • El Periódico de Catalunya
  • EY
  • Expansión
  • Fira de Barcelona
  • Foment del Treball
  • FPdG
  • IESE
  • La Vanguardia
  • Món Empresarial
  • Netmentora
  • Direcció General de Joventut de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Televisió de Catalunya
  • Talent Hub Institute
  • The New Barcelona Post
  • Universitat Abat Oliba CEU
  • Via Empresa
  • Guanyadors de la darrera edició del Premi Jove Empresari


4.1. Businessmen of Spanish and foreign nationality who are between 18 and 45 years old and carry out business activity in Catalonia will be eligible for the Award.

4.2. The same company or individual may only apply for one of the categories of the Awards and Recognition for Best Business Career. Yes, you can apply for any category, at the same time as the Recognition for Linguistic Quality and the Recognition for the Social Entrepreneur. The AIJEC reserves the right to change category, after consultation with the candidate.

4.3. To access the categories of the awards, you must fill out the form posted on the website instead, this can be accompanied by all that additional material that in the opinion of the candidate may be of interest for the evaluation of your candidacy.

4.4. The information must be submitted within the deadline with the established dates.

4.5. The Jury will review the nominations of the finalists, from which the winners will be selected, which will be announced during the awards ceremony. The decision of the Jury will be final.

4.6. Six awards will be given: the winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award, the winner of the Best Business Initiative, the Recognition for Business Linguistic Quality, the Recognition for Best Business Career, the Recognition for the Future Young Entrepreneur and the Recognition of the social entrepreneur.

4.7. Prizes will not be communicated, in any case, before the delivery ceremony.

4.8. For each category mentioned there will be three finalists and only one winner.

4.9. The information provided is considered confidential and will only be used by those members of the jury for the exclusive purposes of the award.

4:10 The awards will be presented at the gala of the XXIX Young Entrepreneur Award, which, as always, will be held during the afternoon / evening on a date to be determined in late September / early October in an emblematic space in Barcelona, ​​with the participation of the authorities and personalities of the economic and business world, depending on the health situation due to the pandemic, adapting to the protocols set by the authorities.



All the fields of the online form that will be found on the website must be filled in before the established date:



The three finalists for the Young Entrepreneur Award category and the other three for the Best Business Initiative will have to be present at the jury meeting to present their candidacy and address any questions and concerns that may arise.

The finalists in the Young Entrepreneur Award category will have to anticipate that they will have a photo and video session to have as corporate audiovisual material to use at the award ceremony as their presentation to attendees.

The award ceremony will take place at the Young Entrepreneur Award gala.

Participation in the Young Entrepreneur Award implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.