Rules of the XXXI Young Entrepreneur Award

Since 1993 we have organized the Young Entrepreneur Award to promote, motivate and give public visibility to the best business initiatives of Catalan youth.
This year we celebrate the 31st. edition, based on the following conditions:


The period for submitting candidatures for this edition of the Young Entrepreneur Award is until May 26, 2024.


In this edition of the Young Entrepreneur Award, two award categories and five recognitions have been established:

AIJEC aims to promote the attitude of young entrepreneurs as people who are a source of entrepreneurial inspiration. We want to reward those who, in the last year, have best represented the new visions and values ​​of the business world. Particular value will be given to the consolidation of the initial idea in the form of a business, its economic viability, entrepreneurial spirit, personal career, international vision and future challenges and perspectives.

AIJEC wants to support business initiatives developed by young people who are committed to sustainable projects based on their ideas. In this category, projects with the best business ideas that are based on innovation and creativity, as well as future perspectives, will be taken into account.

In an initial phase, all applications will be reviewed by the AIJEC Executive Committee, choosing 3 finalists from each of the categories.
The next phase will consist of an independent jury made up of the entities listed in point three, choosing the finalist for each of the categories.

AIJEC works to positively promote the use of the Catalan language in the company as a tool for qualitative improvement. For this reason, for several editions we have included a category of recognition of the use of Catalan in both internal and external communication.
Its use is valued based on:

  • The company’s communication policy (both internal and external communications).
  • Use in technical or administrative material.
  • The use and promotion of new technologies.
  • Actions to promote training in Catalan for the company’s staff (especially those who work in front of the public).
  • Actions that have contributed significantly to promoting the use of Catalan. The reasoning on the part of the candidate is also valued, as well as the support with material such as: website, electronic newsletters, internal and external communications, information brochures, company publications, etc.

The election of this recognition is decided in two work meetings: a first in which the three finalist candidates will be chosen by the AIJEC Board of Directors; and a second, where the winner is chosen, and in which members of the General Directorate of Language Policy and representatives of the AIJEC participate.

The AIJEC values ​​the path taken years ago by those personalities in the business world from whom we learn through their experience. They are those of whom we reflect for their commitment when it comes to working to leave a better reality than the one they found. As usual, AIJEC will recognize the business career of the person promoting a project of recognized success and prestige, who will be chosen by the Association’s Board of Directors.

Promoting entrepreneurship among young people is one of AIJEC’s main reasons for existing. That is why we want to once again recognize an entrepreneurial project worked for those under 18 years of age. This project will be chosen by the AIJEC Board of Directors, in collaboration with the Princess of Girona Foundation, from among the projects presented in the mini-business program organized by Junior Achievment, which offers high school, Baccalaureate and Training students Professional the opportunity to develop a service or a product that adds value to the lives of people or their community, while they live a real and unique experience in making business decisions through the creation, organization and management of their own company.

We will promote and give visibility again to a project that seeks a social objective. Those companies that, in addition to maintaining their social or environmental objective at the center of their operations, have managed to grow in a sustainable and sustained manner will be valued.

The election of this recognition is decided in two work meetings: a first in which the three finalist candidates will be chosen by the AIJEC Board of Directors; and a second, where the winner is finally selected, and in which the sponsor of this recognition, as well as representatives of the AIJEC, participate.

In this edition, and as a result of the agreement with the Barcelona Capital Náutica Foundation, within the framework of the Copa América to be held this year in the city of Barcelona, ​​a Recognition will be awarded to the best blue economy project or company that promotes sustainability, innovation, economy, equality, diversity and any other value of public interest in relation to navigation and the blue economy.

The election of this recognition is decided in two work meetings: a first in which the three finalist candidates will be chosen by the AIJEC Board of Directors; and a second, where the winner is finally selected, and in which the Barcelona Capital Náutica Foundation, as well as representatives of the AIJEC, will participate.



  • ACCIÓ – Generalitat de Catalunya
  • AIJEC – Young Entrepreneurs
  • AIJEC+
  • ARA
  • Barcelona Activa – Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • CaixaBank
  • Cambra de Comerç
  • Cercle d’Economia
  • Consorci de la Zona Franca
  • EADA
  • El Economista
  • El Periódico de Catalunya
  • EY
  • ESIC
  • Expansión
  • Fidem
  • Fira de Barcelona
  • Foment del Treball
  • Fundació Princesa de Girona
  • Barcelona Capital Náutica Foundation
  • IESE
  • La Vanguardia
  • Mobile World Capital
  • Món Empresarial
  • Netmentora
  • Direcció General de Joventut de la Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Televisió de Catalunya
  • The New Barcelona Post
  • Tech Barcelona
  • Universitat Abat Oliba CEU
  • Via Empresa
  • Winners of the latest edition of the Young Entrepreneur Awards


4.1. Young people of Spanish nationality and foreign residents who are between 18 and 45 years old and carry out business activities in Catalonia will be eligible for the award.

4.2. The same company or individual may only enter one category of the awards. Yes, you will be able to opt for any category, as well as the Recognition of Linguistic Quality and the Recognition of the Social Entrepreneur. AIJEC reserves the possibility of changing category, after consultation with the candidate.

4.3. To submit a candidacy, you must fill out the form posted on the website, this can be accompanied by all complementary material that in the candidate’s opinion may be of interest for the evaluation of their candidacy.

4.4. The information must be submitted within the deadline with the established dates.

4.5. The Jury of the award categories will review the candidatures of the finalists (three per category) from which the winners will be selected, who will be announced during the Awards ceremony. The jury’s decision is final. Likewise in the case of the Recognitions chosen by the AIJEC Board itself, either alone, by delegation to the internal assessment committee together with a collaborating entity.

4.6. Seven awards will be given to the candidates: winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award, winner of the Best Business Initiative, Recognition for Business Linguistic Quality, Recognition for the Best Business Career, Recognition for Future Entrepreneurship, Recognition for Blue Entrepreneurship.

4.7. The winners of the prizes will not be communicated, in any case, before the award ceremony.

4.8. The information provided is considered confidential and will only be used by those on the jury for the exclusive purposes of the award.


The awards will be presented at the XXXI Young Entrepreneur Award gala that will be held in the afternoon and at a location yet to be confirmed, with the participation of authorities and personalities from the economic and business world.


All fields of the online form that will be found on the website: must be filled out before the established date (May 26).


The three finalist candidates for the Young Entrepreneur Award category and the other three for the Best Business Initiative will have to plan to be present and defend their candidacy at the jury meeting, taking into account the doubts and issues that arise.

The finalist candidates for the Young Entrepreneur Award category will have to plan to have a photo and video session to have as corporate audiovisual material to be used at the Award ceremony as their presentation to the attendees.
The award ceremony will take place at the Jove Empresari Award gala.
Participation in the Young Entrepreneur Award implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.