Young entrepreneurs from all over the world demand support from world leaders for an inclusive economic growth

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Ruben Sans, president of the AIJEC, has participated these days in the summit of young entrepreneurs of the G20, the largest group of young entrepreneurs in the world. The Spanish delegation, both Sans as president and Antonio Magraner as general secretary, opened the group dels vint.

During the summit, held in New Delhi, the more than 500 young entrepreneurs participating have prepared a communication that demands that the world political leaders of the G20 have all the opportunities to become entrepreneurs. The manifest includes 10 practical measures on issues that concern young entrepreneurs and that have to facilitate that, regardless of the country of origin, they can lead a business project.

The attendees at the top of the G20 YEA have made it clear to the G20 leaders the need to coordinate a global effort because they enable entrepreneurs to come to everyone, sense exception. “The creation of occupation; The increase in economic opportunities and inclusive and sustainable growth must be the results of work at a global level”.

The increase in access to capital for young entrepreneurs; Fostering more inclusive cultural norms for youth entrepreneurship and promoting the appropriate brand for each country to speed up the transition to green energy and a more rapid adoption of the circular economy model, have been among the issues that have most These dies appeared in the work meetings of more than 500 young entrepreneurs from 40 different countries.

For the participating delegations to provide the necessary resources to promote economic inclusion and the entrepreneurial spirit in areas such as digitalization, cybersecurity and climate change.

In this line, Ruben Sans has insisted on the six interventions during the summit in the need to begin to see the young entrepreneurs with whom we are: creators of opportunities. The president of the Spanish delegation of the G20 YEA is of the opinion that “if the businessmen can face the reptes de fer creixer empreses and create xarxes de joves, we will achieve a better society”.

Assembly of leaders in Hampi

After the summit, Ruben Sans, president of the Spanish delegation, took part in the event, he finally traveled to Hampi, a city north of Karnatak, to participate in the G20 YEA Leaders’ Assembly. There he has been able to intervene in the internal meetings of the organization and raise the contingut of the communication signed to New Delhi to the state and government caps of the member countries.